Medical cannabis growers and processors look to open business in Pennsylvania

With the Department of Health’s announcement of the publication of temporary regulations concerning growers and processor of medical cannabis at the end of October, the regulatory landscape is now in place for these entities, largely from established operations in other states, to begin to set up shop in Pennsylvania.


According to the department, the grower and processor temporary regulations outline the financial, legal and operational requirements needed by an individual to be considered for a grower/processor permit, as well as where the facilities can be located.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016/Author: Jason Gottesman
Pittsburgh Police Chief McLay steps down

Pittsburgh Police Chief McLay steps down

After serving two years as Chief of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Cameron McLay has decided to leave the Bureau. 


“I have made the decision that I have done as much as I can and now I want to turn it over and pass the torch,” said Chief McLay. 


McLay was hired in September 2014 as the first Police Chief in over 150 to be brought in from outside the force. Mayor Bill Peduto selected McLay to reestablish relationships between communities and leaders citywide; rebuild its internal protocols, controls, and ethics training. 

Friday, November 4, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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ICA makes contingency plans for Pittsburgh budget in light of recent PA Supreme Court casino ruling

During the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority’s (ICA) 3rd Quarter board meeting held Wednesday afternoon, the Authority passed Pittsburgh’s proposed $539 million operating budget continent upon the city verifying within 120 days that it would receive the $10 million it’s owed from Rivers Casino.

Due to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling last week that the local share assessment of casinos in the state gaming law is unconstitutional, Pittsburgh has been trying to ensure that the money stays in the city’s budget.

“We’ve received word already from the Gaming Revenue office and the Secretary of the Budget that they don’t think there is going to be any distribution of any gaming revenue now until the legislature readdresses the legislation that was declared unconstitutional by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court,” said Renny Clark, the ICA’s interim executive director.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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Allegheny County Executive proposes 2017 $880 million budget

Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald presented his $880.3 million, 2017 Comprehensive Fiscal Plan to County Council on Wednesday evening. 


The 2017 budget calls for no tax or millage increases and does not include any one-time revenues for the fifth consecutive year. It also holds growth at 2.9 percent over last year. 


“I’m extremely proud to present a budget today that has no tax increase, and continues to build on the stable fiscal condition of the county,” said Fitzgerald. “There is a great deal of hard work that goes into ensuring that we stay within budget and address unexpected costs that occur throughout the year.” 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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Pittsburgh looks to recruit more paramedics through changes to union agreement

In an effort to recruit more Emergency Medical Services (EMS) workers and reduce forced overtime costs, Pittsburgh plans to increase salaries for newly hired paramedics and emergency medical technicians. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016/Author: Alanna Koll
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