As redistricting cases move forward, Lt. Gov. Stack enters fray

As redistricting cases move forward, Lt. Gov. Stack enters fray

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack entered the fray over Pennsylvania’s currently litigated 2011 congressional map Wednesday by announcing he has filed an amicus brief in support of the plaintiff’s in the state court redistricting suit attempting to have the map declared unconstitutional under state law.


“The Republican leadership created this map without any public input and the results have been a disaster,” Stack said Wednesday. “The current map has contorted districts and fails to keep communities of interest in a single district.”

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Task force to focus on veterans issues in Pennsylvania

Task force to focus on veterans issues in Pennsylvania

Lt. Gov. Michael Stack and former-Adjutant General Wesley Craig announced Monday the formation of a task force that will look at veterans issues in Pennsylvania and recommend changes to services, ways to help veterans in need, and bridge the gap for veterans looking for government help or benefits.


“You have to be a resource that—not only tells people you have this benefit, or you have this educational benefit, or this mental health benefit that you may need immediately—but then that we make sure that that veteran gets to that service,” Lt. Gov. Stack told members of the media Monday after the task force’s first meeting.

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Led by Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Katie McGinty, a group of Democrats held a news conference Wednesday to call for a total ban on gifts to legislators.

“I’m here to call for an absolute, total, no asterisk, no footnote, gift ban,” McGinty stated.

She argued the current lack of government trust among the public requires current loopholes to be closed.

“What we are proposing here is not a radical new thought,” McGinty claimed. “Pennsylvania should join the 40 other states that essentially have an absolute gift ban.”

She noted any plan should leave no question as to what’s right or what’s wrong and give the public confidence again that state government is working for them.

She said any plan should include exemptions for gifts by friends and family and be aimed toward prohibiting gifts from those who have business before the state.

“People still have their personal lives. I’m not speaking here about their personal lives,” she said.

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