Tweets of the Week - July 17, 2017

Author: Kyle Maguire/Friday, July 21, 2017/Categories: Features

Recently, U.S. Senator John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. Members of the Pennsylvania legislature, along with Governor Tom Wolf sent thoughtful prayers and wishes for a quick recovery for Sen. McCain. Sen. McCain also received support from all over the country to beat his disease. 

Legislators took to social media this week to discuss the revenue package negotiations and lack of a spending plan. Currently, The PA House is scheduled to be back in session over the weekend, but negotiations and agreements are at a minimum. This delay of a revenue package has been criticized by many, since it could heavily affect the state's credit and public and higher education schools. 

Pennsylvania's Congressional leaders are currently debating healthcare with a bag of mixed results. Some believe Obamacare should be repealed and replaced, while others stay true to Obamacare and attempt to change it so it may be more helpful for all people. Governor Wolf, among others, has offered his input as this national discussion rolls along.